We are happy to introduce our one of a kind Mallorcan sheep wool rugs.
They are made of raw, undyed wool, featuring only natural tones of local sheeps.
Our rugs are handmade in an artisanal way, the wool is felted by Llanatura. Their amazing artisans work close to the local shepherds and prepare for us the best quality felt. They take care of many necessary steps as washing, carding and then felting.
Each rug has a unique drawing designed, cut and pre-felted by our co-founder Adri. It has an even and soft surface and great weight, both sides are finished with hand spun wool fringes.
During its production, it went through many highly specialised processes.
They can be used as a wall hanging, bed cover or sofa throw as well.


We hope you will enjoy them in your spaces!
Photography by NĂ¹ria from Isla et Nomade
Casa de September Moore