Super bag orange / palmito


We are happy to introduce our new beautiful bag made in a very special collaboration with Pep and Magdalena from Paumes i Brins.

They are amazing artisans on the island who preserve marvelous technique of weaving palm leaves.

Our bag is made of palm leaves from the mountains of Mallorca, featuring their natural tones. They are handwoven using a traditional technique called ‘llata’. Each bag has stunning details and the highest quality of finishing. The upper part is made of oragnic cotton naturally dyed with Marigold flowers and hand crocheted with cotton thread and wooden beads by Maria.

Size: basket: 25cm of length, fabric: 60cm of length

If you wish to have more color options of the fabric, you can purchase it separately HERE and styled your bag in many ways. Please allow around 14days to make it especially for you.