Rainbow Mallorcan sheep wool scarf


One of a kind Mallorcan sheep wool scarf hand knitted by one of the local artisans who works for us on the island – Maria. Learn more about the process HERE

Composition: Mallorcan sheep wool, naturally dyed with Olive leaves, Madder roots, Laurel and Eucalyptus barks. Hand spun by amazing artisan Eugenia. She works close to the local shepherds and prepares for us the best quality pure wool. It will become softer with the use and will make you warm in the cooler days. 

Care instructions:

♥ Please hand wash it carefully in cold water, use gentle detergent and lay flat to dry.

If you have any questions about the measurements or other requests about this piece, please send us an email before placing your order. We will be happy to adjust it to your needs.

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